Proven Expertise

Our team of iOS developers possesses extensive experience in creating successful iOS applications

across various industries, including:

Retail and E-commerce: We've developed apps that revolutionize the retail experience, enabling seamless product browsing, secure payments, and personalized recommendations.

Healthcare and Wellness: We've crafted apps that empower healthcare providers to manage patient data, streamline clinical workflows, and enhance patient engagement.

Education and Learning: We've designed apps that transform learning experiences, offering interactive content, personalized learning paths, and engaging gamification elements.


Solution-oriented approach

The company takes a solution-oriented approach to each project, working closely with clients to understand their needs and develop a custom solution that meets their specific requirements


LIGO Media Mobile is constantly innovating its products and services to stay ahead of the curve. The company is always looking for new ways to help its clients reach their target audience and achieve their business goals

Commitment to quality

The company is committed to providing its clients with the highest quality products and services. LIGO Media Mobile has a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that all of its projects meet its high standards










Mobile App Development Process

Planning and Requirements Gathering

The foundation of a successful iOS application lies in thorough planning and requirements gathering. This stage involves understanding the app's purpose, target audience, and desired functionalities.

  • Identify the app's core purpose: What problem will the app solve or what need will it fulfill?
  • Define the target audience: Who are the app's intended users, and what are their demographics and preferences?
  • Outline desired functionalities: What specific features will the app offer to its users?

Design and User Experience (UX)

Creating a user-friendly and visually appealing interface is crucial for a successful iOS app. This involves designing intuitive screens, considering accessibility, and ensuring a seamless user experience.

  • Wireframing and prototyping: Create mockups and prototypes to visualize the app's layout and interaction patterns.
  • Focus on usability and accessibility: Ensure the app is easy to navigate and understand, regardless of user experience or abilities.
  • Prioritize aesthetics and branding: Design a visually appealing interface that aligns with your brand identity.

Development and Coding

The development stage involves transforming design mockups into functional code. This requires proficiency in iOS programming languages and frameworks.

  • Choose the appropriate programming languages: Swift is the primary language for iOS development, while Objective-C is still supported for legacy apps.
  • Utilize iOS frameworks and libraries: Leverage frameworks like UIKit, SwiftUI, and Core Data for building robust and scalable apps.
  • Implement app features and functionalities: Develop the core features and functionalities as defined in the planning phase.

Testing and Quality Assurance (QA)

Thorough testing is essential to ensure a bug-free and user-friendly app experience. This involves both manual and automated testing.

  • Manual testing: Perform manual testing to identify usability issues, UI glitches, and unexpected behaviors.
  • Automated testing: Utilize automated testing tools to run repetitive tests and detect regressions in code changes.
  • Address bugs and refine the app: Fix identified bugs and make necessary improvements based on testing results.

App Store Preparation and Deployment

Before releasing the app to the App Store, it needs to be prepared and submitted for review. This includes preparing screenshots, descriptions, and metadata.

  • Create app store assets: Prepare high-quality screenshots, app icons, and videos that showcase the app's features.
  • Write compelling app descriptions: Craft clear and concise descriptions that accurately represent the app's purpose and benefits.
  • Set appropriate pricing and availability: Determine a suitable pricing strategy and choose whether to make the app available globally or for specific regions.

App Store Review and Publication

Upon submission, the app will undergo an App Store review process to ensure it meets Apple's guidelines. This may take several days or weeks.

  • Address App Store Review feedback: Respond to any feedback provided by Apple reviewers and make necessary changes to the app.
  • Monitor App Store performance: Once published, track key metrics such as downloads, reviews, and user engagement.

Post-Launch Maintenance and Updates

Even after publication, iOS app development is an ongoing process. This involves maintaining the app, addressing bugs, and releasing updates.

  • Address user feedback: Monitor user feedback and address any reported issues or feature requests.
  • Fix bugs and improve performance: Regularly release updates to fix bugs, improve performance, and enhance user experience.
  • Adapt to changes and trends: Stay updated with iOS platform updates and industry trends to ensure the app remains relevant and competitive.

Finger Paint Kids


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Finger Paint Kids is a kid-friendly paint app for iOS devices. 

It provides a fun and engaging way for young children to explore their creativity and unleash their imagination.

Download on the App Store

The app offers a variety of features that make it appealing to kids, including:

    • A wide range of colors: The app provides a generous palette of colors, including basic colors, shades, and tints, allowing kids to create colorful and vibrant artworks.
    • Variety of brushes: Finger Paint Kids offers a variety of brush types, such as crayons, markers, and paints, giving kids the flexibility to experiment with different styles and techniques.
    • Customizable backgrounds: The app allows kids to choose from a selection of backgrounds or use their own images as backgrounds for their paintings.
    • Simple and intuitive interface: The app's interface is designed to be easy to use for young children, with large icons and simple controls that are easy to navigate.
    • Save and share options: Kids can save their creations to their device and share them with friends and family through email or social media.

MyPigeon App

Birds Loft Manager & Pedigree

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

MyPigeon App is an iOS application developed by LIGO Media Mobile specifically designed for pigeon fanciers. 

It provides a comprehensive platform for tracking and managing their pigeons, their lofts, and interacting with the pigeon racing community.

Download on the App Store

Key features of the "MyPigeon App" include:

    • Pigeon Tracking: Users can effortlessly track their pigeons' performance, including race results, pedigree, breeding information, and health records.
    • Loft Management: The app allows users to manage their lofts efficiently, adding and removing pigeons, tracking breeding activity, and monitoring feed and water levels.
    • Community Engagement: Through the "MyPigeon App," users can connect with fellow pigeon fanciers worldwide, sharing photos and videos, discussing pigeon-related topics, and participating in online forums.
    • Loft Maps and Photos: The app enables users to create and share interactive loft maps, adding photos and notes to provide detailed insights into their pigeon racing operations.
    • News and Events: Users can stay up-to-date with the latest pigeon racing news, events, and announcements through the app's dedicated news feed.

Christmas Calendar 2023


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Christmas Calendar 2024 is a delightful app that helps you countdown to Christmas in style.

With its beautiful HD festive wallpapers, countdown timer, and inspirational quotes, this app will bring you the joy of the holiday season.

Download on the App Store


    • Beautiful HD festive wallpapers
    • 45-day countdown timer
    • Inspirational quotes to keep you motivated
    • Shareable countdown progress with friends and family
    • Easy-to-use interface

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